Oral Surgery in Beckley (Carriage Dr), WV

Oral Surgery In Beckley, WV On Carriage Drive

We love Beckley so much that we opened this 2nd location in March 2020! In addition to attractions like the Tamarack and the Raleigh Playhouse and Theatre, this area also offers amazing views and hikes with the Grandview State Park. You can also enjoy unique finds and artwork at the Beckley Arts Center or Antique Malls. Or if you want to see the best of local music and nightlife, you can check out the historical landmark of Foster’s Main Street Tavern. The possibilities are endless! We are so excited that we are growing in this amazing town, and we look forward to providing the highest-level of patient care to the community.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can restore missing or severely damaged teeth with fully functional, natural-looking artificial ones. If you suffer from tooth loss, tooth decay, or irreparable tooth damage, you can rest assured that the experts at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery are here to help restore your smile. A dental implant is a popular tooth replacement option because it is permanent, affordable, and can be taken care of just like a natural tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to emerge in the mouth. There is often not enough room for them to properly erupt through the gum line, which can cause them to grow in at awkward angles or even toward your healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth have unpredictable growth, which means their roots can damage nearby nerves, they can partially erupt through the gums, or they can even grow towards your healthy teeth. The best way to deal with wisdom teeth is to let our board-certified surgeons evaluate your condition. Schedule a consultation at our Beckley, WV, office today to learn more about removing your own or your child’s wisdom teeth.

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If you are in Beckley, West Virginia, or any of the surrounding areas, you can rest assured knowing that the team of professionals at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery has you covered when it comes to your oral and facial surgery needs.