Pre-operative Instructions

Do not wear contacts on the day of surgery

Do not wear fingernail polish on the day of surgery

Do not eat or drink any after midnight the night before surgery

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, and shoes without heels

Do not wear make-up on the day of surgery

Do not smoke 12 hours prior to surgery

Bring a responsible adult with you on the day of surgery to assist in driving home and post-operative care

Do not take any narcotic medication prior to your appointment as this could cause nausea when combined with general anesthesia

Get plenty of rest the night before surgery

Bring a list of your medications with you on the day of surgery

Bring any images requested by your doctor (X-ray, MRI, ect.) on the day of surgery

Prepare your home prior to surgery (keep necessities within close reach, purchase soft/liquid foods, arrange for someone to pick up prescriptions)

Post-Operative Instructions

Do not participate in strenuous activity for 48-72 hours after surgery

Do not take pain medication on an empty stomach

Ice packs may be used externally on the face to reduce facial swelling

Sleeping with head elevated above the heart can help to reduce facial swelling

Do not drink through a straw after oral surgery– may cause dry socket or ruptured sutures

Brush teeth normally after oral surgery–avoid surgical incision

Rinse mouth with saltwater after each meal for several days following surgery (gently on day of procedure)

Skin discoloration is normal for 2-3 days after– apply moist heat to speed reduction of discoloration