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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of scars, address acne and hyperpigmentation, and much more.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels procedure

During your consultation, you will be given a thorough evaluation to determine your skin type (the ideal candidate has fair skin and light hair), areas of concern, and depth of treatment. You may be asked to stop taking certain medications prior to your chemical peel treatment.

There are three types of chemical peels:

  • Superficial peel. A mild acid, such as alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy, is applied to the skin to remove only the outermost dermal layer. This is a light chemical peel, also known as a “lunchtime” peel. Healing time is approximately 1 to 7 days.
  • Medium peel. A stronger chemical solution is used that is intended to peel away damaged cells on the outer and middle layers of the skin. Healing time is approximately 7 to 14 days.
  • Deep peel. A very strong chemical solution is applied that will penetrate the middle layer of the skin and remove damaged cells. Healing time is approximately 14–21 days.

During your chemical peel, it is normal to feel a stinging sensation. Stronger peelings may sting more than a light peeling. Redness, swelling, and irritation may occur. You may be given or prescribed lotion, cream, or medication to make you more comfortable as you heal.

It is important that sun exposure is temporarily avoided after any chemical peel, although the period of time can vary due to your skin type, healing process, and the type of chemical peel treatment. We will provide you with detailed instructions to guide you throughout every step of the way.

Chemical peels at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery

If you’re interested in learning about the wonderful benefits of a chemical peel, please contact one of our offices. We will be happy to schedule a consultation appointment for you.

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