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Tooth Extraction Stories

Meet Vicki

Vicki's tooth extraction procedure went much better than she expected.

The team at Mountain State is just great. From once you walk through the door til you walk out the other door, it's wonderful. They're a very compassionate group of people. It went very, very well. It went better than I expected. I was pretty terrified at first, but everyone was very assuring and that everything was going to go okay, and it did. My health has improved; no more headaches. If you live in the Nitro area and are looking for somewhere to have oral surgery, I would definitely recommend Mountain State Oral.

Meet Billy

Billy recommends this practice to his friends and family.

I was having a lot of pain. I came to Mountain State Oral Surgery. Dr. Krajekian suggested that I do get rid of the tooth because he said it would be just so much better for me. They were all just so nice, that's what I couldn't get over. Before I knew it, I was, you know, sitting back out in the waiting room, you know, them telling me, "You're good to go." It was probably less than 15 minutes. And the cool thing about it was, they called me like one or two days later, and I'm thinking "Wow, they really take this seriously." I'm just glad that they're here, and they're close by, and they're such a good, reputable company. I've been telling everybody, "Go to Mountain State. You'll like that you did."

Meet Eric

Eric's extraction procedure was quick and easy.

My tooth was broke, and I guess it got infected, and my dentist referred me here. The team was very professional, and I felt very comfortable. I returned to my daily routine the next day. I got it done in the morning and maybe rested a little bit that day, and the next day, everything was fine. The team here is very professional, very knowledgeable. Dr. Krajekian was very professional, very approachable. I had a great experience here, and I would definitely recommend Mountain State Oral Surgery to anyone that's got any problems.

Meet Diana

Diana's pain was relieved after her extractions.

I was just having real bad pain. I went to Mountain State Oral Surgery for two extractions and a wisdom extraction. It did go well. The staff made me really comfortable. I was really nervous, and he had good beside manners, and he extracted my tooth. It was on a Saturday, and I went back to work on a Monday. It's really inviting. As you come in and you walk up to the front desk, there's just warm smiles. I have recommended a lot of people to Mountain State. I've had a great experience being there, and I'm sure that those that I recommended would come and feel the same.

Meet Norman

Norman felt at home during his treatments.

Well, I had to have four of my front teeth, bottom teeth, to be extracted, so I inquired about Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery. The team here was just - it's hard to explain it because they made you feel like you were part of the family, and they made you feel like you were at home. Dr. Krajekian - he made me feel at ease, made me feel comfortable, and I felt very at ease when I had the operation. I feel that this has been a great experience for me, and I'm glad to be a part of sharing my testimony to anyone that would like to come to Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery.

More Stories

Common reasons for tooth extractions include tooth decay, wisdom teeth, and impacted canines (teeth that fail to emerge through the gums). Here is more information about impacted canines.

What are impacted canines?

When teeth are unable to erupt into their proper position in the dental arch, they are considered to be impacted. Aside from wisdom teeth, canines are the most common teeth to become impacted. While wisdom teeth can simply be removed, canine teeth cannot. They are too important to the development of your bite to be extracted. Instead, oral surgeons must work with your orthodontist to bring the teeth into their proper position.

What causes impacted canines?

Canine teeth typically begin developing around age 10 and can finish developing any time in the next few years. The most common reasons that canine teeth experience impaction include the following:
•  Baby teeth not falling out before adult teeth begin growing in
•  Extra teeth present in the dental arch
•  Other teeth crowding the canine tooth's spot in the arch
•  Bone or growths blocking the canine tooth's path

How does treatment work?

When impacted canines are discovered while they are still in the early development stages, braces may be sufficient treatment. Braces can shift your other teeth into proper alignment and make room for the canines to be pulled down into their place. When the impaction has developed past the early stages, however, a more involved treatment may be required. Exposure and bonding is the most common treatment for impacted canines, and it involves teamwork between your oral surgeon and orthodontist.

Patients who need an expose and bond procedure must typically still receive braces. It's up to your braces to move your other teeth out of the way so that when it's time for the canines to emerge, they have room to do so. Once your other teeth are in their proper position, your oral surgeon will expose the impacted tooth in the gums, and attach a bracket and small chain. Your orthodontist will use this chain to pull the canine down slowly into its place in the dental arch.

The roots of the canine tooth can fuse with your bone in very rare instances. This happens if canines are not discovered or addressed until late development stages. In these cases, the tooth must be extracted. If your impacted tooth requires removal, we will discuss all of your tooth replacement options with you, including dental implants.

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