Facial Rejuvenation

Thanks to modern facial skin care technology, the effects of aging on the skin caused by heredity, lifestyle, and environmental factors no longer have to be accepted as permanent. Today there are many facial rejuvenation options for individuals who would like to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, treat skin problems such as acne and rosacea, or enhance their facial skin care regimen to achieve a look that’s healthy and natural.

While we frequently attribute our crows’ feet and spider veins to getting older, the truth is that over 90% of skin “aging” is due to sun damage — not time. What’s more, the longer we stay in the sun, the lower our resistances are to UV damage. Our bodies naturally defend us from sun damage in our early years by neutralizing free radicals (reactive oxygen atoms that damage our skin’s collagen) and much of the UV radiation put forth by the sun. Eventually our lifetime of accumulated sun exposure has finally worn down our natural shields. Our skin comes under direct attack, and we begin to see more clearly the signs of sun damage: wrinkles, enlarged pores, sagging skin, spotting or freckling, and spider veins.