Patient Testimonials

“Awesome from start to finish. Impeccable customer service; doctors and staff are so friendly, professional and helpful. They’ve helped my family more times than I can count- and today I was the patient. If only everything in life could be as smooth. If only. Thanks, guys. You all rock!”

Deitrich Johnson Clark (Facebook– April 10, 2015)

“I went to their location in Huntington to have a tooth pulled. I had to be put to sleep. They were wonderful! They are professional, courteous, and very friendly. They arranged everything with my insurance, without me even asking them to do so. The doctor was very nice, and I have had only very minimal pain. Have hardly even needed a pain pill. Can not say enough positive things about them!”

Mary-Jesse Stacks Mathis (Facebook– June 25, 2014

“I had an absolutely stellar experience with Mountain State! I had my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday, and since I’d never had any kind of surgery, IV, or anesthesia before, I was VERY apprehensive and upset while I waited (in other words, I was a big blubbering mess, curled up in the chair laughing like a crazy person thanks to my nerves). Everyone I met in the office, from the receptionist to Dr. Krajekian, was extremely kind and professional and tried their best to put me at ease. I’m especially thankful to the nurse who gave me the gas and IV; she made it so quick and easy, and was very understanding! Long story short: I was in and out in a flash, and haven’t had any pain or swelling since leaving the office. If I’d known getting my wisdom teeth out could be so easy and painless, I would have had it done years ago! Thanks to the staff at Mountain State for doing such a terrific job!”

Tiffany Desiree Bailey (Facebook– May 24, 2012)