We Have Resumed Normal Business Hours

Our patients, team members, and their families are the center of all we do as a company. Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery is closely monitoring guidelines from the CDC and are dedicated to keeping people safe and healthy.

We are resuming normal business hours and operations including all elective and non-elective treatments. As we re-open we want our patients to know they will see some changes in our offices including but not limited to social distancing measures, increased sanitization, increased use of PPE, and other changes. These changes are to protect our staff and patients as we are committed to serving the needs of our community during these difficult times.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and update our response as more information is made available from the CDC. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time.

Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Oral Surgery in Charleston, WV

    Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery
    1215 Virginia Street East
    Charleston, WV 25301
    Phone: (304) 345-1092
    Monday 8:00 AM–4:00 PM
    Tuesday 8:00 AM–4:00 PM
    Wednesday 8:00 AM–4:00 PM
    Thursday 8:00 AM–4:00 PM
    Friday 8:00 AM–2:30 PM

Oral Surgery in Charleston, WV

We believe in treating every patient like family at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery. Our Charleston office is located right in the center of Charleston, West Virginia. There are many wonderful places to visit nearby. Tour the West Virginia State Museum, go shopping at Capitol Street and Capitol Market, or relax by the pond at Coonskin Park. We love being a part of the Charleston community.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a common tooth replacement option because they are long-lasting, affordable, and designed to match the shape and color of your natural teeth. A dental implant includes 3 parts: an implant post, a connecting abutment, and a crown. Many people prefer this permanent tooth replacement option because an implant doesn’t need to be removed like traditional dentures. This means you can achieve the complete, healthy smile you deserve.

If you suffer from tooth loss, tooth decay, or irreparable tooth damage, you can rest assured that the experts at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery are here to help restore your smile. Here is more information about how dental implants work and what to expect during treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to emerge in the mouth. There is often not enough room for them to properly erupt through the gum line. As a result, they grow in at awkward angles or even toward your healthy teeth. Many doctors recommend getting wisdom teeth removed during the mid to late teen years because this is typically when these troublesome molars begin to make an appearance.

Oral surgeons specialize in the safe and gentle removal of wisdom teeth. Here is more background on the procedure and what to expect during treatment. Schedule a consultation at our Charleston, WV, office today to learn more about removing your own or your child’s wisdom teeth.

Other Services in Charleston, WV

Surrounding Cities/Neighborhoods

Our oral and facial surgery experts are happy to provide elite treatments and exceptional patient care in Charleston and the surrounding areas:

    • St. Albans, WV
    • Cross Lanes, WV
    • Dunbar City, WV
    • Alum Creek, WV
    • Tornado, WV

    And more!