Facial Trauma

Oral surgeons are specially trained to evaluate and treat traumatic injuries and birth defects to the face, neck, and mouth to ensure proper healing and development of facial features.

Facial Trauma

What is facial trauma?

Facial trauma can refer to any tooth, jaw bone, or facial injury. The treatment you need will depend on the severity and location of your trauma. The most common facial trauma conditions that oral surgeons treat include

  • Facial bone fractures, such as cheekbones and eye sockets
  • Fractured or dislocated jaw bones
  • Broken or avulsed teeth
  • Facial cuts or lacerations

Treating facial injuries

At Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery, we believe in providing compassionate and personalized care to all of our patients. Your treatment will depend on your specific injury. Some of the general treatment plans for common injuries include the following:

Facial Cuts

When patients suffer from cuts or lacerations on the face or in the mouth, oral surgeons can use sutures to stitch them up. Oral surgeons have received extensive training and know the best suturing techniques to ensure you experience minimal scarring. We want you to receive the best possible cosmetic results.

Facial Fractures

Much like other bones, facial bones must be stabilized when they are broken so they can heal properly. Unlike other bones, however, facial bones cannot be held in place with traditional casts. Instead, tiny screws, plates, and wires are more practical for setting facial bones while keeping the patient’s appearance intact. When oral surgeons use these tools to hold your facial bones in place, they are invisible beneath the skin and produce minimal scarring while repairing your injuries.

Dental Injuries

A dental injury can range anywhere from a cracked tooth to an avulsed (knocked-out) tooth. In minor instances of a cracked or broken tooth, a dentist can often repair it. In more severe cases, such as when the tooth is broken completely down to the socket, an oral surgeon will need to replace the tooth.

In situations where your tooth is knocked out, it’s important to visit an oral surgeon immediately because sometimes they can reinsert your natural tooth and save it. The first 30 minutes after suffering an injury provide the best chance for tooth replacement. If you have the tooth, we encourage you to bring it in right away in either a container of saliva or whole milk. Do not wipe off the tooth or try to disinfect it. If your natural tooth cannot be saved, we can discuss replacement options, such as dental implants.

Facial trauma treatment at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery

If you suffer a facial trauma injury, the oral surgeons at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery can help. Please contact our office immediately. If you are experiencing an emergency situation, visit your local emergency room for treatment from the oral surgeon on call.