Meet Linda

Linda underwent a complete smile transformation.
I went to my dentist in Cross Lanes and told him I was tired of my bottom denture always keeping my gums so sore, and I had decided I'd like to try implants. Dr. Krajekian did a full-arch and a bone graft on my lower jaw with four implants and a full denture. I've been very pleased with it; he did a good job. I've been able to eat things that I haven't eaten in years. I wish I had done it years ago when I was younger. Dr. Krajekian was very professional, very, very friendly. He is not one to put the implants in and say, "Let's hurry up and get this done and move onto the next patient." He said he was here for me; he was looking out for my best interests. He was exceptionally good. I would recommend him to anybody.

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