Oral Surgery in Hurricane (Teays Valley)

Oral Surgery in Hurricane (Teays Valley)

Our Teays Valley office in Hurricane, WV, is located less than one mile off of I-64. When you’re here, you can visit Sprayground for kids of all ages, relax in City Park, take a stroll down Main Street, or spend an afternoon at the Caboose Museum, which is an actual C&O Railcar filled with railroad history memorabilia. We love being part of the vibrant culture of Teays Valley, and our team welcomes you to stop in or call to schedule an appointment.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can restore missing or severely damaged teeth with fully functional, natural-looking artificial ones. If you suffer from tooth loss, tooth decay, or irreparable tooth damage, you can rest assured that the experts at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery are here to help restore your smile. A dental implant is a popular tooth replacement option because it is permanent, affordable, and can be taken care of just like a natural tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

We recommend wisdom teeth removal to avoid future oral health complications from arising, such as infection, pain, swelling, or impaction. There often isn’t enough room in the mouth for this third set of molars, which can cause them to develop incorrectly and threaten the health of your other teeth. Oral surgeons specialize in the safe and gentle removal of wisdom teeth, and we offer this common oral surgery procedure in our welcoming and comfortable Hurricane (Teays Valley) office.

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