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History of Dental Implants in Charleston, WV

Photograph of a dental implant from Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery in Charleston, WVAt Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery, we’ve been carrying out dental implant procedures for many years, and even though it is a complex and time-consuming procedure, it is a fairly common and regular process. Did you know that it has been only 60 years since dentists have gotten the technology to conduct dental implant procedures? Even though dental implants have been around for years, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the right technology and technique was discovered to create lasting dental implants. So, what are dental implants? Dental implant placement is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that entails the surgical placement of a small metal post in the jawbone to mimic tooth root for the placement of an artificial tooth that looks exactly like your natural teeth.

Oldest Recorded Dental Implant

There’s no for sure way to determine the age of the first-ever dental implants. However, according to archaeologists, the first known dental implant was discovered on the body of Mayan who was alive about 1,350 years ago. Archaeologists came across shells inserted in her mouth that were carved in the shape of her teeth. These shells were carefully inserted into the sockets of her missing incisors. Besides this, Romans and ancient Egyptians were also known to have many crude implant techniques. However, the modern-day dental implant didn’t enter the picture until 1952.

The Discovery of Implants

Dental implants rely largely on a process known as osseointegration. This process entails the merger or amalgamation of the jawbone bone with the titanium screw implanted into the jawline. Osseointegration helps strengthen the foundation of the jawbone to ensure the safe and convenient placement of the crown. It’s important to note that this process doesn’t occur overnight. It takes a good couple of weeks for the successful bonding of the screw and the bone. Did you know that the process of osseointegration occurred as an accident? In 1952, an orthopedic doctor was testing titanium in rabbit bones to see if it healed them or not. This procedure brought him to the conclusion that the titanium couldn’t be removed after being placed. Closer inspection brought him to the conclusion that the bone had infused itself with the titanium. This experiment paved the way for something much greater. Later the same year, a surgeon named Dr. Leonard Linkow, performed the first dental implant placement procedure.

The Invention of the Titanium Screw

Up until 1959, a blade-like rod or a subperiosteal implant were used to replace missing teeth. However, in 1959, an Italian dentist, Dr. Stefano, designed a titanium screw to sustain his own dental prosthesis. Ever since then, we have been using dental implants as we know them. Technological innovations have led to many developments in the field of dental implants. We can expect to see many changes in the dental world in the coming years. If you are looking for a dentist or a prosthodontist to get dental implants or any other tooth replacement options, call us at 304-343-5161 to book an appointment at our clinic Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery.

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History of Dental Implants Charleston, WV | Mountain State
Technological innovations have led to many developments in the field of dental implants. If you're looking for a dentist or a prosthodontist, call us today!
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