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Tooth Extraction Kanawha City WV

Tooth extractions may be crucial if your teeth are severely decayed and cannot be restored using a filling or crown.

We recommend extractions to prevent further damage to the surrounding teeth and tissues.

Sometimes, your teeth can be impacted and fail to erupt correctly.

These impacted teeth can be painful and prone to infections, necessitating extractions.

If you have any issues with your teeth, ensure you visit our Kanawha City office for a comprehensive review and tailored treatment.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is removing a tooth from its socket using specialized equipment.

Depending on your tooth's nature, we can recommend a surgical or simple extraction. We use an elevator to loosen the tooth from the socket in a simple extraction.

After it is loose, we use forceps to remove it from its socket.

Typically, this procedure can be uncomfortable; thus, we use local anesthesia to ensure you are not in any pain.

Surgical extractions are intensive and reserved for more complex cases, such as impaction or teeth broken below your gum line.

We make incisions in your gum tissues during the surgical extraction to fully access your teeth.

We then use specialized tools to remove the teeth. Later we suture the area to promote healing and prevent infections.

What is the Difference Between Surgical and Non-surgical Tooth Extraction?

A non-surgical or simple extraction is done on teeth that are visible and conveniently accessible.

We perform this procedure on damaged, infected, or decayed teeth. However, these teeth must be fully erupted.

Surgical tooth extraction is done on teeth that are fully or partially trapped.

These teeth are trapped within your jawbone or gum tissue, and removing them through simple forceps is impossible.

In such a scenario, we opt for the surgical process.

Additionally, the surgical approach is also ideal for teeth that are severely fractured below your gum line.

We can also use this procedure for abnormal tooth shapes, fused teeth, or other dental anomalies.

When Do you Need an Extraction?

Severe Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused primarily by poor oral hygiene practices.

This condition often starts as a simple cavity and, when not managed in time, develops to decay.

It might not be possible to salvage a decayed tooth through a simple filling, and extraction might be the last resort.

Gum Disease

Gum infection is a progressive condition.

Poor oral habits cause the accumulation of debris, plaque, or tartar on your gum tissues.

Over time, bacteria in your tissues produce toxins that eat away your gum tissues and cause them to pull away.

Receding gums cause your teeth to loosen. Your teeth can also decay due to exposure to infections, and extractions might be the only remedy.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth might not have enough space to develop and erupt fully.

This will cause impaction, which can lead to infections and pain.

If your impacted teeth are leading to other dental problems, the only remedy can be to extract them surgically.

For impacted teeth that do not cause any dental problems, an extraction might not be necessary.

Overcrowding Teeth

If your teeth are overcrowded, removal might be crucial to create space for the healthy growth of the other teeth.

Removal of the teeth is part of the orthodontic treatment and will help to achieve proper alignment and have a good bite.

Fractured Teeth

Not all fractured teeth require extraction. If it is just a simple fracture, we can recommend a crown to hide the imperfection on your teeth.

However, extraction is essential for severe fracturing that has caused damage to the tooth structure.

If there are teeth fragments in your gum line, we will recommend surgical intervention to remove them.

Concerned patient discussing her tooth pain with her dentist before tooth extraction while sitting in a dental chair at Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery in Charleston, WV

Supernumerary Teeth

Supernumerary teeth develop in addition to your typical set of teeth.

They can develop anywhere in your mouth.

These teeth can either appear as single or multiple teeth.

The extra set of teeth will cause crowding and can even block the normal eruption of your other teeth.

Over time, they will cause dental issues, and you will require extraction.

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon for Extraction?

Extraction needs to be done by a competent oral surgeon.

If the process is done incorrectly, it can result in heavy bleeding and exposure to infections.

We are a qualified team of oral surgeons, and you should choose us for the following reasons.

Specialized Training and Expertise

We have undergone in-depth training on how to handle various extraction issues.

Our expertise in surgical procedures involving your jaw and mouth is unparalleled.

We understand that each patient's dental problem is unique, and we strive to review each circumstance uniquely.

Specialized Equipment

We are proficient in administering anesthesia and professionally performing each extraction.

We can ensure that each procedure is done safely with the correct equipment and tools.

We are quite experienced in handling even the most complex extractions.

Management of Complications

We are also experienced in handling surgical complications. In case anything unexpected arises when we extract your teeth, you are 100% guaranteed that your problem is dealt with correctly. We can address common issues such as nerve injury, excess bleeding, and sinus complications.

Post-Surgical Support

We are experienced in managing your surgical wounds and encouraging proper healing.

We have experienced dentists that know how to hand proper post-opt care.

After the surgery, we will provide the best post-operative care, oral hygiene tips, and wound care instructions.

We also help in managing pain and ensure that you have a comfortable and fast recovery period.

After tooth extractions, we schedule follow-up appointments to assess the healing progress and ensure you have zero complications.

Tooth Extraction Charleston WV

Choosing us for your next tooth extractions reassures you of specialized care and post-surgical support.

If you have a decayed, fractured, or impacted tooth, ensure you promptly visit us at Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery for proper examination and treatment.

We also offer other restorative services like dental implants and dentures to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums.

We work closely with all of our patients to ensure you have great dental care.

If you want to book an appointment with us, you can reach us at (681) 317-7033 for more information about our oral surgical services and other dental services.

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Choosing us for an extraction means specialized care and post-surgical support. If you have a decayed, fractured, or impacted tooth, call our Kanawha City office!
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