Meet Amanda

Amanda was pleased with our doctors’ bedside manners.
I had a tooth that was fractured. It was a molar, so it needed to come out, but that is one of the chewing areas, so I decided to have a dental implant placed so that I wouldn't lose chewing service. I decided to have my dental implant done here because our doctors have a great bedside manner, and they really care about their patients. I was never nervous to have any of the surgeons here work on me. I've seen the way that the surgeons at Mountain State Oral Surgeons treat their patients and care for them, and their just general interest in the patient and their well-being, so I had no worries in my mind at all about them caring for me. My procedure went great. I never had any post-op problems, and I'm looking forward to getting my dental crown to go on and being completed.

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