Meet Misty

Misty was pleased with the results of her laser treatment.
Dr. Brock did a laser surfacing process with me, and that allowed me to get rid of some of my sun damage. I was down for about a week, but then after a week, I was ready to go with nice, fresh, baby skin. It was just tight and toned and had a nice sheen and glow to it. It's been about a year and a half since I had it done; it actually kind of gets better as you go — like, you still see improvements as you go on. I enjoy the BOTOX. It helps maintain as you're going along, and yeah, I've had a great experience with that as well. They just make you feel good about yourself. You just go out, and you just feel like you can smile and talk to people and get to know people and have a sense of confidence about yourself. I would definitely refer you to Mountain State. Everybody, from the counter that checks you in to who takes care of you afterwards and the whole process, is very warm and welcoming. It was just a good experience from start to end.

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