Meet Whitney

She felt more confident after her corrective jaw surgery.
Jaw problems have been through my family – with my cousin and my mom and my sister — so, I was told that I had the choice to do the surgery, but if I don't do it, I have a likely chance of having more complications when I'm older. Everybody was really great — all the staff and Dr. Krajekian. He just made sure that it was going to go okay, and he made me feel really comfortable about it. It was just really my bottom jaw that grew to the right, so he had to put it back to the left in order to have the midline align. It's been almost two months, and I'm able to eat a whole lot better, and I can talk very well now, as I couldn't before. There's a big physical change in my face. My self-confidence has gotten a whole lot better, I think. The staff was very wonderful. They made me feel comfortable; they made me feel like it was going to go good. They were just downright awesome.

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