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Types of Dental Implants Princeton WV

Black couple smiling after learning about the types of dental implants done at Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery in Princeton, WV A dental implant can be used as a post in your jaw to secure a dental prosthodontic to.

With it, we can anchor a single dental crown, or use more than one implant to restore multiple missing teeth with a dental bridge or denture.

With variations on restoration, there are also variations on the type of dental implants we use.

We can discuss both materials and sizing of your implant to meet your needs.

At Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery, we can help you have better oral health and restore your bite with dental implants.

What Is A Dental Implant

The basic shape of a dental implant is similar to a screw, but like screws, implants come in a variety of lengths and widths to suit the work that is being done.

One end is threaded to increase the amount of surface area that makes contact with the bone, and the other end has a connecting head that is used to attach a prosthodontic. Some dental implant options include:

a 3d rendering of the all on 4 treatment concept

•  Titanium Implants: Standard dental implants are made from metallic titanium. We like titanium because it is strong, lightweight and biocompatible. Most patients will have titanium implants. The negative traits to this material is that some patients have a sensitivity to metal, or some patients may have thin enough tissue that the dark metal color can be seen through the gum tissue. For those patients we have ceramic implants available.

•  Ceramic Implants: Ceramic implants are classified as a non-metallic material option. They are white in color, and though not as strong as titanium, they are still a very strong material that will work as a post in your bone tissue. Ceramic is a biocompatible material that should be less seen through your gum tissue due to its lighter coloring.

•  Mini Implants: A mini implant is a tool we use to restore missing teeth while the patient is growing new bone. A necessary step for many implant procedures is the bulking up of bone material. Mini implants are pushed into the soft tissue but are not embedded into the bone. They can temporarily retain a prosthodontic while waiting for thicker bone to grow.

•  Standard Length Implants: A standard dental implant can still come in a variety of widths and lengths depending on the prosthodontic being used and the placement of the implant, but are approximately the same general size. Standard implants are generally used to anchor a single dental crown, bridge or denture. They are not typically used for an all on 4 system.

•  All on 4: The All On 4 uses a longer dental implant. It is designed to reach thicker bone, making a preparatory bone graft not necessary. We sink the implant at an angle in thicker bone for a permanent hold. This treatment is used to replace all of your teeth on either the upper or lower arch, and is completed in one day.

Dental Implant Services in Princeton WV

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Types of Dental Implants • Princeton, WV
Here at Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery, you can work with our friendly team and they can help you have better oral health and restore your bite.
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